An investment company personifies the idea that where our resources go today can profoundly affect what happens tomorrow. In that spirit, Providence is committed to investing in the communities in which we live and operate and strives to better the lives of our neighbors and employees.

Community Dedication

Providence is dedicated to creating a sustainable company through financial, operational and environmental stewardship. In pursuing our sustainability goals, Providence is committed to operating its assets in a manner that protects its workers, neighbors, environment and natural resources and is actively pursuing investment opportunities in alternative energy solutions.

Reliable and affordable energy is the foundation of our modern world and provides the power for global employment, food production, manufacturing and life-giving medical and emergency services. Providence is steadfast in its commitment to responsibly create a portfolio of energy required to advance the worlds growing nations and economies.

A core priority of all our business activities is working with the communities in which we operate to promote responsible energy development and the health, safety and long-term welfare of our employees, communities and stakeholders.

Providence seeks to implement best practices and complies with all federal, state and local regulations and requirements to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and community.

Who We Support

Dedicating time and resources to charitable causes is a tenant of Providence’s corporate culture since its founding in 1993. Providence proudly supports:

Behind Every Door is a ministry whose sole purpose is to create a safe, loving, and family-friendly community in C-grade low income housing and restore hope where it is easily lost.

Behind Every Door Website

Rio Bravo Ministries is a faith-based ministry located in Reynosa, Tamalupas, Mexico, directly across the border from McAllen, Texas. Rio Bravo Ministries supports Casa Hogar Rio Bravo (Rio Bravo Children’s Home), Colegio Puente de Esperanza (Hope Christian School) and The Blue School.

Rio Bravo Website