Mineral Management and Acquisition

Over the past 27 years, Providence has assembled a large and diverse portfolio of mineral and royalty interests across the country, with current ownership in and/or management of nearly 2 million gross acres of minerals. Providence’s mineral and royalty interests are managed by various entities, including Providence Minerals, LLC and Pennsylvania Mineral Group. Providence also provides professional mineral management services, including to The Fasken Foundation and Moore Minerals.

We readily pursue leasing opportunities with leading exploration and production companies.

Terri Farmer

Terri Farmer serves as the Vice President of Land Management for the company’s mineral division, including as to Moore Minerals, the Fasken Foundation and Pennsylvania Mineral Group.

Terri is responsible for all lease negotiations, title, division orders and land management and brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of the land and the mineral business. Terri has over 40 years of industry experience, working for Providence the last 14 years. Prior to Providence, Terri worked in various capacities in the land and minerals departments at Supron Energy Corporation, Cenergy Exploration Company, Santa Fe Minerals, Vaughn Petroleum and Dorchester Minerals.

Karen Herbst

Karen Herbst has served as the Senior Land Manager for Providence Minerals LLC since 2001.

Karen is responsible for the management of all land affairs at Providence Minerals and brings extensive acquisition and divestitures experience to Providence. Notably, Karen was instrumental in the company’s acquisition of the Providence Minerals portfolio.

After graduating from the University of Wyoming, Karen began her career at Gulf Oil, before transitioning to Oryx Energy. Additionally, Karen has performed numerous due diligence projects for clients, including Apache Corporation and Devon Energy.