Mineral Management and Acquisition

Providence has assembled a large and diverse portfolio of mineral and royalty interests across the country, with current ownership in and/or management of, approximately six million gross acres of minerals. Providence’s mineral and royalty interests are managed by the subsidiaries, Providence Minerals, LLC, PEC Minerals, LP and Pennsylvania Mineral Group.

Providence also provides professional mineral management services, such as the leasing programs for The Fasken Foundation, Moore Minerals and The Sabine Royalty Trust.

We readily pursue partnerships and/or leasing opportunities with leading exploration and production companies.

Separately, Providence is evaluating new mineral acquisition opportunities. Please forward opportunities to any of the contacts listed below, or email minerals@providence-energy.com

Mineral Portfolio:

Providence Energy

0 – 999 Net Mineral Acres

1,000 – 4,999 Net Mineral Acres

5,000 – 9,999 Net Mineral Acres

Over 10,000 Net Mineral Acres


Clark Hellier
Exploration Manager


Terri Farmer
Land Manager


Karen Herbst
Land Manager, Providence Minerals, LLC