Renewable and Alternative energy sources are a rapidly growing energy segment. Providence’s strategy includes investing in proven and economically viable alternative and renewable assets.

Providence’s Commitment to Sustainability

Oil and natural gas are the essential, bedrock fuels that power our modern economy. Oil and natural gas provide electricity, transportation fuels and petrochemicals used to create thousands of products critical to our every day lives, including: medicines and medical equipment, consumer electronics, cosmetics, toiletries, detergents, fertilizers, clothing and home appliances.

Just think about it… every time you to turn the lights on in your house, open your refrigerator, heat or cool your home, run water, drive a car or fly in a plane, you are able to do so because of cheap, abundant oil and natural gas.

And yet, renewable and alternative forms of energy are in increasing demand as our economy and society call for a wide array of energy resources.

Over the last decade, Providence has invested in a variety of renewable energy projects, including in wind, hydro-electric, biomass and recycling. As technology continues to advance, we hope to increase our involvement in the renewable energy industry.