POCO Operating

POCO is a privately held exploration and production company with operations in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. We are committed to creating value for our partners, to enhancing the well-being of the communities in which we operate, and to the safe and responsible production of natural energy resources.


Since its inception, POCO has been committed to reducing its facility footprint and eliminating VOC and related emissions through our unique facility design and by delivering product directly to pipelines.

POCO has received high praise for the cleanliness, maintenance and environmentally conscious surface facilities. Moreover, and an achievement of which we are very proud, our facilities are virtually zero emission. To achieve that result, POCO’s facilities have fewer pressure vessels, connection points and emission sources than are typically or traditionally seen throughout the DJ Basin. POCO utilizes various technologies which provide us with 24/7 real-time air monitoring, leak detection and site security, thereby enabling us to respond in a prompt and expeditious manner to any changes in our site operations. In addition, POCO is in the process of obtaining “Platinum” TrustWell Certification of all our multi-well facilities.

Select members of Providence’s renewable energy staff are engaged in POCO’s oil and gas projects and actively seek ways to utilize renewable energy resources to power POCO’s projects and reduce our Scope 2 emissions profile. One of our primary goals is to apply renewable or environmentally friendly resources, whether those be on-site implementations and/or “off-site” Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), to achieve a Net Zero Emissions profile in all our activities in the State of Colorado.

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Emergency Hotline
(614) 460-5122

Denver Office
9635 Maroon Circle, Suite 450, Englewood, CO 80112

Fred Witsell

Fred Witsell leads POCO Operating and has over 39 years of industry experience, serving in a variety of roles over those years, including management, operations, A&D, geology, trading, risk management and marketing. Fred is highly experienced in the DJ Basin and his prior work experience includes Mark West Hydrocarbon, Inc., Cornerstone Natural Resources, LLC and High Sierra Energy Partners LP. Fred earned his MBA in Energy Management from the University of Denver and his BS in Geology from Colorado College.

Devin Brown

Devin Brown is responsible for all aspects of POCO’s operations, including well construction, drilling, completions, production and facility management. Devin brings a wealth of industry experience to Providence with over 25 years of industry experience, the majority of which has been focused in the DJ Basin. Prior to Providence, Devin worked at various companies – Sundance Energy, Cirque Resources, El Paso E&P and Baker Hughes. Devin graduated from Texas Tech University, earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Meghan Grimes

Meghan Grimes joined Providence in 2020 and brings 15 years of industry experience to POCO.

Meghan’s responsibilities are focused around the management of all state and local permits, regulatory administration and correspondence, as well as all COGCC legal and compliance matters.

Prior to Providence Meghan served in related roles at Anschutz Exploration Corporation, Enerplus, Noble Energy Inc., and Pioneer Natural Resources. Meghan graduated from Albion College with a degree in Communications.